Voice Tracking

One of the ways to make your station sound more local and be more cost effective is through Voice Tracking.  If you are in a small market and either do not have the talent available or budget prevents you from hiring a full-time or part-time personality then I can help you.  I offer low cost voice tracking through state of the art technology.  Depending on your broadcast software, it may require little or no start-up cost to your station.  And in a short period of time you are sounding Live and Local!  With the help of your programming staff I can develop a VT shift that includes local events, news, sports, and even interviews with locals to make the experience one that connects the audience to your station.

Which ever format you are currently using I can integrate my style with your audience.  With extensive background in all music genres I can speak to your audience with a knowledgeable, mature (or youthful) style, incorporating local events, public service activities, current events, and upcoming shows and featured events in your area.

A dedicated, daily, four hour shift, sculpted for your station will cost you a commitment of 12 hours a week!