I have had a love for the entertainment industry since I was a child.  My parents introduced me to a wide variety of medium.  Music, movies, television, and radio were an intricate part of my growing up.  When I was in Junior High at Sacred Heart School in Tucson, Arizona, I got permission to play records over the loudspeaker during lunch.  This was the beginning of what is a wonderful career.  When I decided to go to college instead of the military I began ministerial studies.  It was a visit to a local radio station in Greenville, South Carolina that sealed the deal for me.  After a brief conversation with the station manager, Willie Thompson, he posed the question: "Have you ever thought about being in radio?"  "Funny you should ask," I said.  He hired me on the spot and it began right there.  That was 1980.  I cannot say that my entire life from that point on was 'radio work,' but I can say that every year that I was in radio was a year that I never felt like I had a job.  It was just pure fun.  For the last 7 years I have worked for Mark Media in Western North Carolina and I have made many lifelong friends and memories.  I recently branched out to explore new avenues and hope to be able to share my new adventures with a new cast of friends and family.  I am now on the air in Portland, Oregon as part of the KXL news team.  As we say...'stay tuned!'  George Henry Radio will soon be producing a completely online internet radio station that will blend popular music with uplifting talk with a New Age spin.